At exacto, we help companies streamline data-driven business processes and convert data into information. We develop tailor-made planning systems which improve overview, eliminate manual work and free up more time for business-critical tasks. With our systems, we enable companies to collect and analyse data quickly so that they can continuously monitor important KPIs, increase insight into the core business and on that basis make important business decisions.



In many larger companies, processes in the area of “planning”, e.g. budgeting, forecasting and resource planning, are often based on an extensive harvest of data in Excel files. The need typically arises, as there is a need for a more agile and nuanced data model in connection with planning than that which the ERP system uses.

Excel becomes the preferred tool and has many advantages in relation to development rate and flexibility. However, the moment the number of Excel files becomes just moderately larger, the disadvantages begin to exceed the advantages. The amount of manual work in connection with updating, version control, consolidation and harmonisation - combined with a low degree of security - make it such that a solution based on a large number of Excel files is not optimal.

At exacto, we have therefore developed a technology, exacto core®, which combines the best from two worlds: Excel as flexible user interface on top of a fast and secure database. We get away from all of the Excel files and the manual work and over to a professionally developed system which saves lots of time in everyday life, based on well-known technology.



We develop tailor-made planning systems which are specifically designed for our clients’ needs. We make use of standard Microsoft technology with an SQL database as the back end and Excel, Access and Power BI as user interface.

We especially focus on making sure that our systems are:

  • Time-saving
  • User-friendly
  • Not person-dependent
  • Supported 

In short: a tailor-made system based on standard technology which our clients can maintain themselves. 


Who we are

exacto is a consulting firm with in-depth knowledge of data-heavy planning processes. The company is owned by Martin Mark Rasmussen, Peter Jørgen Nørvig and Tom Kortegaard. All three have backgrounds from Denmark’s leading auditing and consulting firms.

Our consultants have, in addition to extensive special competence in our platforms, higher education and practical experience in finance and project management. Therefore, we are capable of offering qualified sparring in connection with task solution on both the technical and practical levels; we consider ourselves as “business consultants” rather than “IT consultants”.

Currently, exacto has 18 full-time consultants dispersed in offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Hamburg. Since 2007, we have supplied more than 1,800 solutions to our more than 700 customers – including a large number of Denmark’s biggest companies.

In 2018, we opened an office in Germany, and we plan to expand our activities to Norway and Holland in 2022. In 2018 we added Germany to the map. To visit our Danish website, please click here.


Dorothee Strub
Phone: +49 171 7666191
E-mail: dst@exacto.de



Prof. Dr. Lars D. Wellejus
Phone: +49 151 20120142 
E-mail: ldw@exacto.de



Peter Jørgen Nørvig
Phone: +45 6179 8060
E-mail: pjn@exacto.dk



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Contact person: Dorothee Strub
+49 171 7666191

exacto GmbH
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Contact person: Prof. Dr. Lars D. Wellejus
+49 151 20120142 


Who we are
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